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Could there really be a blushing cure

Blushing - The act of turning red; the look of some sort of reddish hue and / or flush upon the cheeks

More explicitly facial blushing serves as an involuntary reddening in the facial area and may even be a result of awkwardness or even stress and anxiety. Several medical professionals believe facial blushing is the results of your overactive sympathetic nervous system. This can be the system which sub-consciously helps us regulate organs as well as the size of blood vessels within the face. Within people struggling with cosmetic blushing these nerve fibres tend to be uncommonly sensitive to emotional stress and once that person is afflicted by a particular stimulus ( such as distress), the actual nerve fibres tell the blood vessels to open extra wide. The opened arteries allow it to become much easier for blood flow to be able to flood into the facial skin, as a consequence allowing the reddening in the skin. Cosmetic blushing is usually a phrase that is relatively mistaken as many victims won't blush in the face, but see blushing on the upper body, ears and throat. Serious skin blushing is a bit more frequent in people who have public phobic disorders, nonetheless people may well suffer with facial blushing without undergoing public phobia.

What are the factors that cause cosmetic blushing

There appears to be a consensus in which the main reasons for cosmetic blushing are either emotional or physical.

The psychological explanations are connected to shyness or social fear and in some cases individuals with cosmetic blushing will be in a vicious circle. The blushing might be the cause of the social anxiety as well as the social anxiety leads to facial blushing. Facial blushing due to the mental reasons often occurs when the victim can feel criticized by other folks, or feels that others could negatively analyze them. It is most common when in company of strangers, nevertheless facial blushing could also occur while the victim is together with friends and family members.

The physiological explanations for facial blushing are believed to be linked to the "flight or fight " impulse that is consistently seen in dogs. Many doctors are convinced that even though most human beings don't have any need with regard to this impulse in regular life, some people consistently display a number of the physical results related to the behavioral instinct. In preparation for the "flight or fight" our bodies enlarges its veins and because the head and the other locations afflicted by cosmetic blushing have got significantly greater networking of blood vessels in relation to the other areas, the regions may become red-colored.

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